Free Solar Evaluation

A free NESmartEnergy solar evaluation will provide you with all the information that you need to determine if a solar PV system is right for you.  It includes:– home or commercial building eligibility
– system type
– system price
– all incentives including SREC or ZREC income
– different program options
– and much more.


The average residential PV system will generate well over $100,000 in financial benefits to its owner and with a simple payback in approximately 4 to 10 years.

If a homeowner chooses our zero-down program, no cash outlays are required for an entire year.  This affords the homeowner 12 months to collect all of the available incentives associated with the system.  As a general rule of thumb, you could expect to receive approximately 45% of the system cost back from federal and state incentives within the first year.  Once the year is up you can either pay off the balance of the system or use one of many finance options to cover the balance of the cost.  This results in a small monthly payment that is easily covered by the electric savings and the SREC income, leaving the homeowner with a very strong positive cash flow for the next 14 years.  Going solar is a very profitable endeavor.   Get your FREE Solar evaluation today!


Commercial systems can return to building owners in excess of $1,000,000 in a 15 year period and with a simple payback in as short a period as 3 years.

For commercial building owners, if a large capital investment is not an option, let us provide you with our Power Purchase Agreement evaluation, showing you exactly how much you can save on your electric bill in just a few short months from today. PPAs are no-cost alternatives to purchasing a large solar PV system.  As a general rule of thumb we can save you approximately 30% on your electric cost generated by the solar PV system. Why not convert today and start saving 30% on a portion of your electric…for free?!  Want to buy it along the way?  You can do that, too.

Going solar is a great move for our planet and saves your company big money on electricity. Get your FREE Solar evaluation today!