About Solar

What is a solar PV system?
Solar PV refers to photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into electricity. A solar PV system comprises solar panels, an inverter and a mounting system.

Will a solar PV system save me money?
Yes!  Because of the generous incentives, most solar PV systems pay for themselves within 6 years and then continue to save money by reducing your electric bill.  And, New Jersey rewards you with SRECS as you generate your own power.  In New York and Connecticut, state programs reduce the initial cost of solar through incentive programs.  Check the links under Solar Incentives for the current offering in your state.

What are Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SREC)?
An SREC is a solar renewable energy certificate. When you generate a megawatt of power – power that the utility company did not have to generate – you are rewarded with a check; you make money!

Is a solar PV system complicated and how long will it last?
Solar panels are guaranteed by their manufacturer to produce at least 80% of their original power after 25 years. Although their output does slightly decline over time, you should expect your solar PV system to produce power for more than 25 years.

These are all important questions many people ask themselves as they try to determine whether a solar PV system is the right choice for their home or business.

Northeast Smart Energy has the information and experience to help you make that choice.  We have over 50 combined years of photovoltaic and engineering experience, and can help demystify all the hoopla circling the solar PV marketplace.

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