Types of Residential Systems

Roof-mount System

The most common system is a roof-mount system.  If your home has the proper orientation to the sun and there are no shading concerns surrounding the home, a roof mount system is the most cost effective solution. The recommended PV panel placement is on the southwest, south, or southeast facing roof. If, however, your rooftop is not conducive to solar, you could consider the second type of installation, a ground mount system.

Ground-mount System

Ground-mount systems are best suited for homes that have poor orientation or shading issues on the house.  Homeowners with ample property around the home can choose a ground mount system. The installer can position the structure at the most ideal angle and tilt for maximum output. Once the location is selected and the structure built, the PV solar panels are attached and then connected to the inverter.

How Do I Get Started?

Contact us and we will conduct a free assessment of your property and review the findings with you.  We will advise you if your home is eligible for solar PV and which mounting option is best suited given your home’s positioning and shading. The Northeast Solar Evaluation is comprehensive so you can feel confident that the system designed will produce the projected power output.

The average residential solar PV system will generate over $100,000 in financial benefits to its owner with a simple payback in as little as 5 to 7 years. If you choose our ZERO DOWN program, no immediate cash outlays are required.

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