Our Team

Dwayne Escola: worked as a chief electrical engineer at IBM for over a decade. Dwayne designs and engineers solar PV systems. With more than 100 systems to Dwayne’s credit, he most recently designed and engineered a complicated 5 array 100.6 kilowatt system installed in Franklin Square, New York. Dwayne has 25 years of engineering experience and 5 years of PV design and engineering experience. Dwayne holds a NABCEP certification as a solar engineer and is also a BPI certified Home Energy Auditor.

Gary Preziosi: Owner of a Design Build General Contracting and an Electrical, Mechanical Contracting Company. Gary has been incorporating energy and cost reduction measures in his construction designs since 1994. Gary has been in the construction industry and a licensed Electrical contractor for over 30 years and has 4 Years of PV design and installation experience.

Jerry Robock: Has been involved in the energy industry for over 30 years, and is an activist in the area of clean energy in the NY Metro area. Jerry has created an analytical system that takes all aspects of photovoltaic output, solar input, Azimuth, angle and other important variables into account which enables Northeast Smart Energy to specifically customize PV systems to the customer’s unique situation. Jerry provides his vast energy and IT experience to each solar PV installation.